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    1. Women of Cairo Protest

      Thousands of women protested in the streets of Cairo on Tuesday against the harrassment of Egyptian women by the military and called to end military rule in Egypt. 

      ‎”In the most famous of those, a half dozen soldiers beating a woman with batons rip away her abaya to reveal her blue bra before one plants his boot on her chest[…] In the days since the picture of the demonstrator in the blue bra have emerged some men here have questioned her presence in the square in the first place, wondering why her husband or father let her go. Others have argued that she must have wanted the exposure because she wore fancy lingerie, or that she should have worn more clothes under her abaya.”

      As they marched, two long lines of men began to march behind them in solidarity and to protect the women(mainly housewives, many with babies) from harrassment.

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